Training 4All

Training4All (T4All) is a multidisciplinary training event - recognized by IFMSA as a Sub-Regional Training (SRT) - aimed at national and international students, focusing on their training within the fields of action of both Federations. The activity adopts a model constituted by innovative training paths, conventionally called trainings, that are centered in the acquisition of knowledge and formative competencies - turning the participants able to assume the role of trainers.



  • FITI - From Idea To Impact;
  • Health Workforce: The key for strengthening Health Systems
  • A to P: Advocacy and Policy-Making on Health, Environment and Climate Change;
  • International Training on Disaster Medicine;
  • BEAST-Basic Engagement in Advocacy for SOGIESC Training.


The registration fee includes:

  • 3 meals per day, excluding the arrival and departure day;
  • In the arrival day, the registration fee will include dinner;
  • In the departure day, the registration fee will include breakfast and lunch;
  • Transportation from the airport to the venue in the arrival day and from the venue to the airport in the departure day;
  • Welcome Package;
  • Accommodation during the event.

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